Introducing Math & Logic!

Brain Games for Kids!

Introducing our exciting new app: Math & Logic – Education Games, Art Activities and Learning Puzzles: Adaptive Brain Training for Preschoolers to Age 10. 

ImagiRation’s free math and brain training program consists of fun and interactive puzzle games to help your child learn math and improve cognitive development. 

This app teaches your child through a variety of interactive learning activities including games, animations, art activities, and puzzles – all of which can be monitored by parents and administrators through the Progress Tracker

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Fun & Educational

ImagiRation puzzles are fun and educational. Puzzles gradually increase in difficulty to facilitate brain training

Simple Interactions

Simple drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy for toddlers and kids to touch and move objects

Friendly & Engaging

Intuitive and friendly interface with beautiful graphics that every child will love

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