SITA – Speech Therapy Step 2

Speech Interactive Therapy Application or SITA is the voice-controlled speech therapy app designed to help your child practice speaking in an engaging educational environment.


Parents and therapists record videos of model words and sentences. These videos are incorporated into exercises encouraging children to mirror words’ pronunciation. A proprietary AI algorithm measures similarity between model words and children’s vocalizations. Improvements are rewarded with reinforcers and PlayTime. This technique was demonstrated to improve speech production in toddlers, late talkers (speech delay), children with Apraxia of Speech, Stuttering, Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dysarthria.


  • The only speech therapy app that rewards your child proportionally to the improvement of their pronunciation.
  • Uses scientifically proven video modeling for effective speech development.
  • You and your child’s therapist generate modeling vocabulary of your choice and in your dialect!
  • Record model words in any language.
  • Your speech language pathologist can record words and sentences for your child to continue practicing at home.
  • Voice-activated functionality provides a fun, interactive learning experience.
  • SITA basic version is completely FREE!
  • No ads.


SITA uses video modeling to create an immersive learning environment, allowing children to observe their parents on video as children attempt to speak. When children watch model videos in real time, their MIRROR NEURONS are engaged. This is scientifically proven to be highly effective in speech development.

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Fun & Educational

Each activity is adaptive and delivers exercises that are at the exact level of difficulty appropriate for you at any given point in time

Simple Interactions

Simple drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy to touch and move objects

Friendly & Engaging

Intuitive and friendly interface with beautiful graphics that everyone will love