POOZA Testimonials


My four year old son loves these puzzles. I think he is getting better than me at solving them. Thank you for making this app!

- Mary S.

Great for helping children develop. I really loved how this application made my daughter think outside the box. She is two years old and I am always looking for different types of mental stimuli for her. I especially enjoyed that there were puzzles of varying difficulty to keep challenging her as she grows. The puzzles had various goals, too, to keep it from getting too simple. Excellent app!

- Thomas Bradley

My five year old loves the app. Some puzzles are quite difficult. Sometimes I see how his brain is working hard. I think challenge is good for him!

- Matt Murphy PhD

my son absolutely loves this app and I do too! we often spend time together working on the puzzle. It’s a lot of fun with benefits: I’ve noticed significant improvement in concentration and attention. Simply magnificent product!

- Vasiliy Alibabaevich

My son spent longer solving these puzzles than playing with some of his favorite toys…

- Edward Khokhlov

Excellent collection of puzzles My son, 6, got a hang of it right away. Can’t pull him away now. And it is good for his brain! Perfect…

- Alex Ganelis

Really a great game for development of cognitive skills and unlike other puzzles we tried, my kids actually loved it. The images are fun and never boring. I find my 5 year old son keeping coming back to play and he has gotten much better at it. The in-app purchase was well worth the money!

- Freview

My 3 year old son made huge progress forward after using the application for 4 weeks. His focus and attention span has increased, he is listening better to stories, recognizing letters and numbers. I will continue to use the application and looking forward to further improvements. Thank you so much for making it available!

- Ghg113

Iam 10 years old but i love this game

- Sarah Khadr

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