Apps for brain training!

Fun and educational puzzles

We are a group of brain scientists, educators, artists and developers who create educational puzzles for both kids & adults. 

Our apps include an array of puzzles designed to facilitate the development of neural networks essential for creativity and cognitive well being. 

Check our our latest brain-training apps:

Math & Logic

Fun, interactive, adaptive puzzle games to help your child learn math and improve cognitive development. Each activity is adaptive and delivers exercises that are at the exact level of difficulty appropriate for your child at any given point in time. Designed for preschoolers to Age 10.

POOZA for Preschoolers

Kids learn best through play. This app includes 900+ educational puzzles designed to foster creativity, imagination, logical reasoning and critical thinking. Puzzles and exercises gradually increase in difficulty to facilitate optimal brain training. 

POOZA for Toddlers

600+ educational puzzles for toddlers designed by brain scientists to improve your child’s concentration & learning abilities, reasoning & logic skills, cognitive development, and visual & spatial processing in a fun, game environment.

RecoverBrain Therapy

Language Comprehension & Cognitive Therapy for Aphasia, Stroke, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease.


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