Matching Animals (easy)

In the Matching Animals game, a child must again match objects (on the right of the screen) with the correct target (on the left of the screen). This game incorporates two additional features for a child to notice: size (example below on the left) and orientation (example below on the right):
After a child works through easier levels that require attending to a single feature, the game moves on to puzzles that require noticing multiple features at the same time.

For example, the puzzle below requires attending to both the color (orange) and the shape (zebra) of the target object. If a child is not attending to both cues, he or she may pick the distractor with the same color as the target (the orange giraffe) or the distractor with the same shape as the target (the pink zebra). A child needs to notice both the color and the shape of the target to make the right choice.

The game culminates with advanced puzzles in which each distractor differs from the target by a single characteristic, requiring simultaneous attention to four cues: color, shape, size, and orientation: