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My son Alexander who turned 3 in September, was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He went through all the testing; in school, with diagnosticians and with therapist and though I knew he was a very bright boy, his scores on were very low. Once I got the diagnosis, I started looking for answers or anything that might help my son. Fortunately, I found the Mental Imagery therapy for Autism (MITA) program.

One of the most challenging problems I encounter when trying treatments for my son is keeping his attention. Most programs he only uses for a moment and then quickly moves on, refusing to try the program again. With MITA, he stays interested for a long time. Most of the time, I’m the one trying to get him to take a break from it! Aside from offering a multitude of changing pictures and puzzles, they quite thoughtfully also change the format of the puzzles; from orientation of the puzzles to the types of puzzles being solved which helps keep it interesting. Giving the instant praise after solving a puzzle as well as the big “Play Time” reward is a huge help as well. He jumps up out of his chair and is so excited every time he solves a puzzle and makes it very special.

What’s also wonderful about this program, is being able to see the change in him. To be able to see him think about and solve the puzzles, something he wasn’t able to do a few months ago is astonishing. Puzzles and other cognitive activities were a very big area of opportunity for him, but within the first week I was able to definitively see a major difference in him and his ability to problem solve and process.

I have tried many things for my son, even before the diagnosis to no avail. But I have no doubt that one of the most profound changes came after he started the MITA program and I’m so thankful that I found it. The MITA App is giving my son a beginning and a chance and for that, I can’t thank ImagiRation Inc enough.

Four years later  12/6/2019:

I found the Mental Imagery therapy for Autism (MITA) program for my son who is now 7 years old shortly after his diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was only 3. We have continued to use this program over the last several years; he calls it the puzzle game and I can definitely see a difference. When using MITA, you can see him engage with the puzzles. I have tried many different programs for him, and I have yet to find another program that holds his interest and engages him in the same way. He still loves the rewards and praise offered when he succeeds even as he’s gotten older. Other rewards such as coloring pages have been added that he has a lot of fun with. I’ve learned more over the years about how to optimize the program for my children which I think is an amazing option for caregivers! You can choose everything from which program to work on to how many of each puzzle should be given as well as adjusting the difficulty yourself. This helps you as a caregiver to target the skills you are working on and is invaluable.

Alexander is now in 1st grade. He is mostly in a mainstream classroom with a very few pull outs and has many friends. He is able to think and solve problems and keeps up with his peers especially in math where he often leads the class. I know that MITA has been the difference for him. I am so thankful that I found it and have worked with him through MITA and will continue to do so. Thank you again so much for everything you have done for our children.

- Amber Bonasse, USA

Dear Dr. Andrey Vyshedskiy,

My son Ahmed is now playing MITA language game highest difficulty level on his own as your suggestion without me interfering as little as possible, his Bengali language level increased to a noticeable phrase form (he is 7 years old), for English language, he can understand better, for social behavioural improvement, I would say, we are trying hard. Nowadays, he plays MITA happily and does not even want to play ‘talking ginger’ afterwards. Sometime asks for YouTube to watch ABCD Nursery rhymes, for all this I am really grateful to you, I would always thank you.

- Anwara Perveen

My grandson turned 3 last year and was not reaching some milestones. We were told by the doctors it was probably Autism – we were already thinking this. He was diagnosed definitely last year and we have initiated lots of activities to help, [including] your apps. I can definitely say they have helped him to concentrate, and he feels an achievement when he completes the puzzles.
- Doreen Mann, USA

I am a speech therapist and like to use [MITA] app as a reward for my students with autism in their last little bit of therapy. They love it. … My personal children love to play it as well…
- Allison Humber, USA

We want to tell thanks to all developers of this magical app for ASD kids. I and my son grateful for your care
- Мирослава Калашник, Україна, м. Харків

I would like to express my support of the ImagiRation application MITA, which is designed to improve the visual and language skills of young children as well as children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I have had an opportunity to use this application, in conjunction with the language therapy, with preschool children who were diagnosed with moderate to severe language delays.  The application served both as therapy and a reward and was well received by the students.  At the end of one year, I have been able to track not only improvements in the mean length of utterance of the users, but also in their fine motor ability.  The application is entertaining, intuitive, accessible to educators, therapists and parents, and is rooted in extensive and well-documented research.  Data tracking is automatic and kept for each user.  I highly recommend this software to both parents and professionals.
- Elizabeth Kalmanov, MA, CCC-SLP

My son Sam was diagnosed with autism when he was about 3 years old (he is now fourteen). Over the years, Sam has received multiple standard treatments, including ABA, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. He has also taken various medication targeting hyperactivity, anxiety and aggression. All of the interventions above had variable and transient positive effects on him. Some had no effect at all. Over the years, I have tried different approaches to engage my son in meaningful interaction, with very limited success. One example of positive interaction we had was going swimming, playing basketball and going cross country skiing. Among non-physical activities, the only one that Sam enjoyed was watching films together. However, all of these activities were limited to very short time intervals. Sam was not able to get meaningfully engaged for more than 30 minutes, even when he liked something.

When we started using the MITA application developed by Dr. Vyshedskiy and his team, I was utterly surprised to find that Sam was immediately interested and able to immerse himself in solving problems for more than an hour at a time. Sam works on MITA puzzles every day and enjoys being successful with them. The gradual increase in complexity and comprehension of more than one variable at a time boosts Sam’s attention. While doing the exercises, Sam becomes calm and remains so for long interval and even for some time after it. The MITA program has become our favorite interactive activity.

I would like to share my opinion about the impact MITA has for a child’s intellectual development. I am aware that Dr. Vyshedskiy has a PhD in neuroscience. He is an author of many articles and has written a book on the Origin of Human Mind where he has put forward his views on acquisition of language during primate evolution. In recent years, Dr. Vyshedskiy has become interested in applying his views on language acquisition to practice and started to develop programs for human brain development. Based on what I see happening with my son when he works on those programs, I can conclude:

1. My son displays intellectual capability, which I thought for a long time was missing. Not only was I amazed to see that Sam is able to regain the ability to think, the MITA program somehow stimulates a dormant neurological process, which is able to subdue pathologically activated brain centers responsible for hyperactivity (both motor and verbal) and aggression. I hope that as we continue working on MITA, Sam’s brain will be getting more and more attuned to meaningful intellectual activity, which would eventually replace or at least subdue pathologic nervous circuits.

2. The dynamic nature, multiple variables and increasing complexity of the MITA program that we see so far appear to be only the tip of the iceberg. Building on his theory of brain development, Dr. Vyshedskiy will certainly extend his programs to areas of speech and occupational therapy.

3. Based on my personal experience outlined above, this is the first time I find something for my autistic son that is undoubtedly beneficial and non-invasive.

- Igor B. Rozenvald, MD

My son is talking to me! I can communicate with y son tenfold since this awesome app and our autismspeaks workshops
- Rebecca Savage

Awesome app for kids with autism/asd Very good app, my 2 1/2 yr old son has autism & he loves this app. He is very fussy when it comes to apps but loves this one & it’s good that you can adjust the level to suit their age/ ability. Thumbs up
- Makesi Saumamao

Novel therapeutic tool A very interesting new therapy for autism. While remaining fun and engaging this app fuses cutting edge theoretical research with an interface children can love.
- Iosif M G

Comparative to Nabi. My only complaint is size but there’s so many things to do it has to be huge in MBs . My son is 4 and was DX at 18mths w/ ASD. He cannot get enough of this app. Seriously it is comparative to the preloaded children’s tablet NABI.
- Kimberly Weisner

Amazing This is truly fantastic. My 3 year old loves this. Took him just at few weeks to learn how to complete the puzzles before I had to add more via the parental settings. He has started putting his blocks together in matching colours now. Now he won’t let us use the tablet now!
- Totley Moss

Very good – This application is very useful for children with autism

- Ramy Shahin

Great App This is a wonderful app containing adaptive puzzles that increase in difficulty according room your child’s performance. My three year old absolutely loves it. The parents’ corner and information about autism are useful. I would recommend this whether you have received a diagnosis or haven’t and are still unsure.

- L Swatt

We love it Our son has been learning quickly this is one of his favs

- Heather Delapp

Perfect I am really pleased to see how well my special needs child is doing with this game. Great app for pattern recognition. I wasn’t even aware of how much she understood these concepts till we played this due to her limited language. I’m seeing her learn from it too. Its extensive and has a lot to offer by way if variety and longevity. Thank you for the great app!!

- Samuel

Awesome app for kids with autism/asd Very good app, my 2 1/2 yr old son has autism & he loves this app. He is very fussy when it comes to apps but loves this one & it’s good that you can adjust the level to suit their age/ ability. Thumbs up

- Makesi Saumamao

Very good application. Learning steps for children. Complete activity from easy to difficult with automatic ability checker to adjust difficulty depending on the child. Application is quite fast, no lags whatsoever, maybe because using lg g3 (im not to sure for other phones or tablets). For those parents wanting their little ones to learn or for those parents using this app for its intended purpose, its a 100% recommended. Thumbs up. Keep updating and upgrading. Note: This app is quite large.

- Rozano Dollente

My son uses this app as well as early intervention therapy, and I have seen so much progress it is amazing. I love that this app keeps up and adjusts to how well a child is doing and the software is used accordingly to his needs. Every time I fill out an assessment i can see where he stands and how he is improving, based on its scores which are very helpful. I am so glad to be able to use this app and provide my son with the extra push in order to progress. I am truly thankful and believe the work that is done with the program is truly a gift. Thank you guys for giving the children this wonderful opportunity.

- Yaya's mommy (Apple Store review)

Being a fellow autism supporter I approve of this app.

- Bvchnvchnb (Apple Store review)

Hands down this is the only app that catches my sons attention and has got him to want to use the tablet

- Google Play Store user

Thanks. My son is able to stay focused and progress well with this app. Appreciated.

- Jz G Jan 6, 2017

Great.  My little brother has autism and he loves it💙💙

Jessicas Channel Jan 9, 2017

My son loves this app.

RaShonda Matthews Jan 12, 2017

Cool application develops the perception of a child with special needs, and teaches English through play. I would recommend!


Monika Matczak - Słupecka Jan 22, 2017

This is a brilliant app. My son is almost three. He loves this app. Its helping so so much and best of all it is free.


Raeesa Brenner Feb 7, 2017

Stage by stage puzzles are very good. The parts that improve langue are superb


Google Play User Feb 9, 2017

Best ABA app by far especially for younger kids.


Cindy White Mar 1, 2017

Excellent app my school going high functional child finds intermediate difficulty level puzzles very interesting. And second one which is low functional finds Easy puzzles interesting. It is quite beneficial to both. It is really a gem of the apps..


ATUL VASISHT Mar 5, 2017

My son’s concentration improved a lot… Such a good app… Thanks a ton…

Vimalini Senthilkumar Mar 21, 2017

Clearly there are big efforts behind this application. Thanks a lot for all involved in this grate work

Apr 18, 2017

I am forever greatful for the Mita app. I want to extend a huge thanks and appreciation to the team behind this app. It has helped my son so much. I recommend all parents and teachers to use this app. The puzzles may seem arbitrary or like it’s not making an impact but I swear to you it’s like it unlocks my sons brain to understand the environment around him. It has improved his cognitive abilities on so many levels. Please keep up the good work Mita developers. You have given hope to a stay at home mother in South Africa who can’t afford to pay for special needs therapy. I wish u all much more success with ur endeavours.

Bint Omar Apr 20, 2017

Absolutely sensational. In my opinion, perfectly matched game (although it is known that each autistic is different). At least 3 months to fill ATEC forces, so in addition to progress in each game, see changes in other aspects of autism. In addition, for free. Huge applause for authors. Only one game teaches / use of English – we have it off – just us problems with mastering one language. Pictures herein are from some old version or even the POOZA (another of their excellent application). Worth it, worth it, worth it!

Jan Kowalski May 20, 2017

This app has been a blessing for my 2 year old, who was recently diagnosed with autism. Thank you so much for making this free app!

Jessica Tate May 28, 2017

That is a excellent game for improving mental activities of ASD and PDD disease.

Omid Shirazi Jun 8, 2017

The best app for toddler too. No ads. Im loving it .

cha nyza Jun 8, 2017

Wonderful app! We deal with it every day now.

Манирка Мацевко Jun 14, 2017

Very assist parents in making a standalone therapy for people with Autism their children, thank you very much to the developer’s useful applications.

Abi Zahidah Jun 16, 2017

The difficulty level adjusts itself to the strengths of the child and informs you about its improvements, is varied and every game does not last long and is not bored, I feel great.

Giulia Governi Jun 24, 2017

Really caught her attention

Ashley Walrath Jun 29, 2017

Amazing!!!!! I recommend this app to anyone who has a child who may be on the spectrum or have learning difficulties. So impressed and how lovely to see an app with no ads, and is purely to help children.

Alleena Hussain Jul 21, 2017

This app has done wonders for our son! He loves it! The reward play time at the end is a great incentive to keep his attention.

Brittani Clae Jul 24, 2017

The MITA app has helped my son tremendously!

Nichole W Jul 29, 2017

Application very useful, especially for the little ones who are more visually oriented.

Tiago Amorim Aug 7, 2017

So far I love this APP. Even suggested it to friends with special needs kids and my sons speech therapist.

Sandy Bobo Sep 20, 2017

The art and animation could be better, and also the responsiveness of the games, but the exercises/games themselves are pretty good and effective.

Jose Fernandez de Castro Sep 26, 2017

My grandson was diagnosed with asd at 20 month . He uses a variety of apps to assist him. This app after learning more about how a child with this diagnosis sees the world, has so much to offer. The graphics are simplified and progress to to not over tax , as the child learns to discriminate the details increase. It is self motivating and progresses by evaluating the childs progress. Using this app for over 1 year. no glitches in it use even once. Excellent response time when contacting. In my top 5 for asd apps.

Monika Raphael Oct 5, 2017

It’s a life saver

Oct 8, 2017

This app is our favorite. If your child is delayed or could use a little extra help give this a try. This is the first game that my daughter actually loves to play. It automatically adjust daily to work on where the child is struggling or thriving. It’s FANTASTIC!

Nov 3, 2017

Excellent app…it really helped my child with ASD a lot! Thumbs up to its developers! Thank you so much!

Nov 5, 2017

Very good program my son loved

babek khudiyev Nov 15, 2017

I love this app..

Raymund Claude Seluce Nov 17, 2017

My son is liking it a lot, the evaluations are impressive, hope to get only positive results at the end of it!!

S Prasad Dec 13, 2017

I am an Occupational Therapist and this app is amazing how it allows you to choose the progression and also allows for a reward at the end for a play session. Best app i have seen.

Christina Gomez - Occupational Therapist - Dec 18, 2017

Has Features what we were looking for. Good interactive game for kids.

Srinivasa Ravindra Ongole Dec 24, 2017

My son and I absolutely love it!!!! This is one of the greatest games I have seen for ASD kids ❤ . Recommend to everyone !!! 😁

Davina Montoya Dec 29, 2017

I would like to thank the developers and the sponsors for this app, it helps a lot.

Pablo Bethonico - Jan 7, 2018

Been using for about a year. Love keeping up with his progress and ATEC scores with this app. He loves using it and “allows” us to interact with him while doing it. I keep it on my phone (phablet!) And my tablet while using kindle free time app to keep him from venturing!

Google User - Jan 7, 2018

My child has speech, language and development delays, not yet diagnosed asd. This is the first app I’ve been able to get him interested in. It has full parental controls to choose levels, amount of games for each activity ,ect. The app adjusts the levels up and down automatically. The evaluations allow you to see how your child is progressing. Brilliant!

Google User - Jan 11, 2018

My son loves it! We play together. This app has done two things for us. First, Tim learns from it, and second, watching him play shows me how much my nonverbal child really understands. It turns out he knows way more than I was giving him credit for. Incredible value for a free – really truly free app.

Rachel Smisek Jan 12, 2018

Brilliant program…..our 3 1\2 year old gs with ASD loves to play this game!!! PLEASE keep up the good work!!!

JAN BROWN Feb 13, 2018

Can’t recommend this app enough. Brilliant my son loves it and in a very short time he has made amazing progress. Thank you for your hard work and making a difference – very grateful.

Colleen Crous Feb 13, 2018

This app gives my daughter the screen time she wants while working on necessary skills. Tablet time has turned into a positive experience with less meltdowns when time is up.

Grace Mulholland Feb 14, 2018

Beautiful and smart game!

BaneMia Gvozdic Feb 15, 2018

Great Help to parent with children with special needs

Feb 27, 2018

I downloaded this for my nonverbal 3 yo. This was the first game or app that I could get him to sit still for and to focus on, and he loves it! I love seeing how quickly he learns the different puzzles, and how he figures them out as they get increasingly complex. Completely free and truly fun for him. Thank you!

Rebecca B Mar 3, 2018

My son loves it it is brilliant

diana randazzo Mar 21, 2018

This app has helped me significantly as a PCA to my nephew. He has definitely adapted well to this and I can see progress in his attention to detail.

AfroSensual – Dec 20, 2017

This application is one of the best, I use it with my clients and they all love it.

2izziebelle – Nov 19, 2017

My son loves this app, and so do I! We work together on lessons daily, and in a pinch if I need him distracted and quiet for a few minutes he’s thrilled to work independently for a while. He loves it so much he’d play all day if I let him! I’ve seen him make large gains in multiple skills since we started. He thrives with the positive, encouraging feedback, I enjoy the adorable drawings. Highly, highly recommended!

ElennaLQ – Oct 12, 2017

This is easy ABA skills in a app. The design is clean and simple. The games are set up for success. I highly recommend as a ABA therapist and parent of two kids on the spectrum. Thank you for making this app, developers!!

Emilou37 – Jul 11, 2017

Great app. I work with people diagnosed with Autism and utilize this app frequently in my practice. I’m in love with the fact that it tracks progress for me! Thanks ImagiRation!

Flowery Rosey – Feb 7, 2017

My son uses this app as well as early intervention therapy, and I have seen so much progress it is amazing. I love that this app keeps up and adjusts to how well a child is doing and the software is used accordingly to his needs. Every time I fill out an assessment i can see where he stands and how he is improving, based on its scores which are very helpful. I am so glad to be able to use this app and provide my son with the extra push in order to progress. I am truly thankful and believe the work that is done with the program is truly a gift. Thank you guys for giving the children this wonderful opportunity.

Yaya's mommy – Dec 10, 2016

My 2 year old loves the game! The animation and sounds are great. The game allows for us to change the complexity of puzzles, which is really helpful as we see our son make progress going through the different challenges.

I highly recommend this game to parents of toddlers.

Markuha – Aug 3, 2016

Use it as part of visual-perception and matching skills in an ABA program. Excellent app! Is very customizable and simple to use. My only complaint is that often the matching becomes repetitive and the items are sometimes all on the same side so it’s more about learning the pattern than actually matching.

dinab613 – Jun 21, 2016

The best Autism app on the Raising an Extraordinary Person blog:

There’s a reason this app is number one on the list. This is an app that I’ve used personally for years. MITA stands for Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism. It’s an evidence-based early intervention technique.

This app has an unlimited number of interactive puzzles designed to help children with autism develop language and listening skills. Children follow verbal prompts to complete puzzles of increasing difficulty. This technique is also used in speech therapy and Pivotal Response Training.

The app uses an adaptive algorithm to adjust the difficulty of activities based on your child’s skill level and performance.”

May, 2019

This app truely is amazing! My almost 3 yr old is level 3 diagnosed ASD and has great problem solving skills and has developed imaginative play. He has progressed so much over the past 3 months since using MITA! Thanks again for an app worth using for educational purposes!

spencer vaughn Feb 27, 2020 

Perfect for my son with autism spectrum disorder. Very playful application, with beautiful colors and which congratulates the child.

Ryuuk De La Vega Feb 27, 2020

Love this app. I have seen great improvement with my son and it helps you learn where he’s growing and what he needs to work on more. I do.

K Armstrong Feb 13, 2020

I think its very good. This is the only developmental application that my child with autism spectrum disorder can use and develop through continuous progressions. I recommend.

Richárd Nagy Feb 8, 2020

Children gain understanding of what they are asked for through fun games. “Give me / search” teaches you to differentiate objects, colors and sizes.

Lorena Agradi Feb 5, 2020

My son loves it, we are doing the activities together, and for the first time he pays attention to an application, which is very helpful, since at this moment I have less time to be with him playing on the floor

Syuni Brille Jan 11, 2020

inclusion of Brazilian Portuguese audio made it much better! I am using it every day and I was so satisfied that I decided to buy the full access license. It is not cheap but it is an annual value. I decided to do that too because, unlike many apps out there, this one had a very good “free sample” and not just a useless taste. I contacted the authors to suggest improvements and at least they listened to me.

Ricardo Vencio Jan 1, 2020 

My son is one the spectrum for autism but this game HAS BEEN AWESOME. He can work at his own pace, and it progresses as he does. As a parent you can adjust settings so that your child gets the most out of the app as he/she can. I’m a REAL MOM. I don’t usually write too many reviews, but I DEFINITELY recommend this app. I use it now for my 2 year old girl who is developing at a rate typical for her age. She is learning and gaining from MITA as well!!

Christina Marie Dec 7, 2019

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