RecoverBrain Therapy: Language Comprehension & Cognitive Therapy for Aphasia, Stroke, Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

During all rehabilitation phases, people need specific and target-oriented cognitive training according to their personal needs. RecoverBrain offers individualized solutions for language comprehension and cognitive therapy. Various training modules are available for easy use in the following cognitive fields: Language comprehension, Comprehension of complex sentences, Understanding of grammar, Attention, Alertness, Responsiveness, Neglect, Memory, Executive function, Visual field, Attention to details, Auditory working memory, and more.

Each training module inside RecoverBrain is adaptive and delivers exercises that are at the exact level of difficulty appropriate for you at any given point in time. RecoverBrain provides a structured approach to cognitive therapy, with a set number of training modules in each daily session. 

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Fun & Educational

ImagiRation puzzles are fun and educational. Puzzles gradually increase in difficulty to facilitate brain training

Simple Interactions

Simple drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy for toddlers and kids to touch and move objects

Friendly & Engaging

Intuitive and friendly interface with beautiful graphics that every child will love

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