VADA – Speech Therapy Step 1

Voice Adventures App (VADA) is for toddlers and preverbal or nonverbal children. Children use their voice to interact with characters on the screen: animals, lights, stars, and other objects.

VADA has been developed to help your child control his voice. As he sits in his usual shelter, he will hear a calm, quiet, and affectionate voice calling on him to respond. On the screen, everything is calm, safe, and predictable. He raises his voice to affect movement: to fly the balloon, to blow off leaves, interact with animated characters and so on. Controlling objects on the screen makes him more confident using his voice. Once confidence has been built, we can move to more complex exercises like Speech Interactive Therapy App (SITA) to shape his articulate speech and Language Therapy (Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism or MITA) to train his language and cognition.


Encouraging your toddler vocalizations may help him develop better control of his speech apparatus and improve word pronunciation.


Why is your child not speaking? He sits alone in a dark and safe space. He doesn’t want to leave this safe shelter. He flinches when called upon. He trembles when looked at. The sounds are too harsh. The light is too bright and scary. People are too unpredictable. Because of his fear, the baby never wanted to talk to anyone and did not dare to meet anyone’s eyes.

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Fun & Educational

Each activity is adaptive and delivers exercises that are at the exact level of difficulty appropriate for you at any given point in time

Simple Interactions

Simple drag-and-drop mechanism makes it easy to touch and move objects

Friendly & Engaging

Intuitive and friendly interface with beautiful graphics that everyone will love