Decades of studies and research have proved that puzzles are one of the most effective ways to improve one’s cognitive skills. Our research-based therapy shows that our apps can help children develop the mental skills they need and improve their overall development regardless of their age or ASD severity.

Below you can find some of our research in the field.

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The driving force behind ImagiRation puzzles is the Mental Synthesis theory, developed by the company’s co-founder Andrey Vyshedskiy. If you’re interested in reading more about this theory and Dr.Vyshedskiy’s research, please download a free electronic version of “On The Origin Of The Human Mind” (2nd edition).


  • In 4-year-old children computerized training with puzzles that gradually increased in difficulty significantly improved their fluid intelligence compared to a control group trained on puzzles that did not increase in difficulty over time. Reference: Bergman Nutley, Sissela, et al. “Gains in fluid intelligence after training non‐verbal reasoning in 4‐year‐old children: a controlled, randomized study.”– Developmental science 14.3 (2011): 591-601.
  • In children aged 7 to 9, reasoning training with puzzles similar to ImagiRation puzzles increased “performance IQ by an average of 10 points, with four of the 17 children showing gains of over 20 points.” Reference: Mackey, Allyson P., et al. “Differential effects of reasoning and speed training in children.”– Developmental Science 14.3 (2011): 582-590.
  • There is also significant evidence of long-term benefits of cognitive training. Reference: Jaeggi, Susanne M., et al. “Short-and long-term benefits of cognitive training.”– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108.25 (2011): 10081-10086.